# Speaking Up Speaks Volumes

Without support, young people who are LGBTIQ+ are 5 times more likely to attempt suicide. For them, our silence is deafening and dangerous. It’s time for that to change.

The power of speaking up

Colin’s experience

“The most important thing was to be really clear, in every possible way, that homophobia, transphobia and hatred is just not OK on any level, especially in a school environment.”

Natalie’s experience

“Because of the divide that was happening around the plebiscite that year, people used it as an opportunity for anti-yes rhetoric, and things became a bit awful,”

Speaking up

Many of us want to value and appreciate living in an inclusive society but are often silent in our support. By speaking up, we can make it happen. We can change and save lives.

Help someone feel supported

When someone is feeling vulnerable or isolated, support is incredibly important. It comes in many forms. Follow our campaign and share our stories of support or your own. Use our resources to learn about inclusive language or how to speak up if you see something that isn’t right or someone who needs your help. Your support can go a long way.

Speak up

Help create an inclusive society

There are many ways to build an inclusive society, where everyone feels valued and respected regardless of our differences. Learn how to feel more confident speaking up for diversity. Become an LGBTIQ+ ally at your university or college. Or find out about affirmative practice training to make our workplaces, classrooms and sporting clubs more inclusive.

Get involved

Support people who are LGBTIQ+

The evidence shows that stigma and discrimination cause mental health issues, poorer physical health and higher suicide rates for LGBTIQ+ people in our communities. We can all help change that. Find out more about why it’s so important.

The facts
# Speaking Up Speaks Volumes

Join the campaign, share the message and show your support for those in LGBTIQ+ communities. When we speak up, we show we care.